Easy Budgets Helped a Truck Driver Overcome his Financial Stress and Mange His Wife’s Medical Expenses in a Smoother Way - Read How?

Manage Medical Expenses in Easy Budgets - Success Story

I am 50 years old Truck driver. Me and my wife were having a great living with 3 of our sophomore students, until my wife got into a brief disease and must be on medication support for couple of years. I had to spend bigger chunk of money from my Paycheck to pay her medication bills. Never had I expected this to happen. I didn’t know a way how to manage this additional recurring expense along with our regular ones. I was thinking of options like going for a withdrawal from my 401K plan or a personal loan, credit card loan but none of looked a viable option. During the initial couple of months, I was struggling to distribute my income between my wife’s medication bills and our other expenses. It was a total mess.

The only solution I could think of to overcome this financial fiasco is finding out which expenses are our family’s actual needs and which ones are just our wants. But to do that I didn’t have budgeting history. So I had no idea where to start with. That’s when I came across Easy Budgets, the budgeting software which I got it in a good deal, where I can use it for 12 months but pay only for 9 months at a minimal price. I subscribed and started budgeting in Easy Budgets.

I found it very easy to use and was able to do my budget planning in a shorter time. I clearly classified and allocated fund to the category of items and logged on my expenses without missing for a day. During the fund allocation process, I was able to spot what are the expenses I can cut through. I pulled budgeting reports weekly which helped me to realize we were spending way too much over restaurants, movie theatres and on apparels. I didn’t totally wipe out these expenses but brought them under control as I don’t want to take away these exciting things from my children. With a controlled allocation and expenses on these wants, I was able to reallocate these funds to my wife’s medication bills. Now I could very well manage my medical expenses within what I earn. My wife is also recovering well. I thank Easy Budgets for helping me to free from financial worries for the streamlined directions it provided to me in the budgeting process.

— A Truck Driver from Cleveland, Ohio

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