Easy Budgets Helped a Hotel Manager Increase his Savings by 15% Which is a Reserve Money for His Home Loan Installment for Next 1 Year!

Easy Budgets helps a hotel manager to save money for his home mortgage loan repayments

Happiness bloomed as my family of 4 (my wife and 2 kids) moved into our newly purchased home. Along with it, a sense of fear and insecurity on home loan mortage payments was growing within me. My education expenses were covered by my scholarships, so I didn’t avail a student loan. My $300,000 Home loan was my first loan experience. I had all kind of thoughts in my mind, will I be able to pay my monthly dues without any default? What if I lose my job? How will I manage if some emergency expenses occur?

I realized I should have some reserve money to manage any undue circumstances for which budget planning is key. I had been budgeting all through these years, in a spreadsheet, where it wasn’t a regular activity and time consuming as it involved lot of manual entries. I do it, whenever I had time and access to Laptop.

I was searching for a budgeting tool that is inexpensive yet loaded with advanced features. I came across Easy Budgets, which is really cool, easy to use with guide through wizards and was able to do budgeting at my available time from my mobile or a tablet device.

Budgeting was no more a time-consuming activity, I was able to plan budgets for any number of months in advance within a very short time.

It helped me to establish a mechanism that clearly outlined my expense track, overflowing spots and safe spots, based on which I was able to plan where to cut my expenses and do additional savings. When I compared how much more I was able save with Easy Budgets, it was whopping 15%.

With regular budgeting, I have made a reserve money that would cover my home dues, in addition to my other family expenses, for next 1 year even if I don’t have a job. Also was able to make some additional repayments which reduced my loan interests. Much relieved now!

— A Hotel Manager from Orlando, Florida

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