Read How Easy Budgets Helped a Customer Care Executive to Save $9,000 within a Span of few months to Gift an Expensive Wedding Ring to Her Partner

Easy Budgets, the budgeting software, helped a CSR to save money to buy an expensive wedding ring for her partner

I am dating and planning for a wedding. Wanted to surprise my partner with an Emerald ring costing around $12,000, but I just completed my graduation and started a new job. What did I do?

First, started budgeting!

Yes, I have been doing budgeting since the time I started my graduation course. I have been randomly entering and tracking my expenses in a spreadsheet which wasn’t helpful. So I first decided to do a regular budgeting and was trying out different budgeting spreadsheets and tools. I found them either to be much complicated for me to do use without adequate training or had much of manual intervention.

Finally I nailed on Easy Budgets and started using it. I found it very easy to use and didn’t need me to spend much time for me to understand the software.

  • I was able to allocate money for every essential items that I wanted to spend.
  • Was able to contain my budget allocation within the income earned.
  • Included saving goals for my wedding as one of my expenses within the budget.
  • Start tracking expenses on each of the items, where Savings also became one of my expenses that I had to track on. Of course that was my happiest expense!
  • Compared what I budgeted with what I spent.
  • Pulled out the savings that I did on some items into my savings expenses.
  • I was able to establish a saving pattern. Almost 9 months into using Easing Budgets now, expecting to achieve my saving goal in another 3 months.

— A Customer Care Executive from Philadelphia, PA

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