Success Story — Home Loan Repayment

Easy Budgets Helped a Hotel Manager Increase his Savings by 15% Which is a Reserve Money for His Home Loan Installment for Next 1 Year!

Happiness bloomed as my family of 4 (my wife and 2 kids) moved into our newly purchased home. Along with it, a sense of fear and insecurity on home loan mortage payments was growing within me. My education expenses were covered by my scholarships, so I didn’t avail a student loan. My $300,000 Home loan was my first loan experience. I had all kind of thoughts in my mind, will I be able to pay my monthly dues without any default? What if I lose my job? How will I manage if some emergency expenses occur? continue reading ...

Success Story — Savings to Gift My Partner

Read How Easy Budgets Helped a Customer Care Executive to Save $9,000 within a Span of few months to Gift an Expensive Wedding Ring to Her Partner

I am dating and planning for a wedding. Wanted to surprise my partner with an Emerald ring costing around $12,000, but I just completed my graduation and started a new job. What did I do?

First, started budgeting! continue reading ...

Success Story — Medical Expense Management

Easy Budgets Helped a Truck Driver Overcome his Financial Stress and Mange His Wife’s Medical Expenses in a Smoother Way — Read How?

I am 50 years old Truck driver. Me and my wife were having a great living with 3 of our sophomore students, until my wife got into a brief disease and must be on medication support for couple of years. I had to spend bigger chunk of money from my Paycheck to pay her medication bills. Never had I expected this to happen. I didn’t know a way how to manage this additional recurring expense along with our regular ones. I was thinking of options like going for a withdrawal from my 401K plan or a personal loan, credit card loan but none of looked a viable option. During the initial couple of months, I was struggling to distribute my income between my wife’s medication bills and our other expenses. It was a total mess. continue reading ...

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