YSS Services Launches Easy Budgets™ — An Online Budgeting Software

Princeton, New Jersey December 16, 2021: YSS Services, a New Jersey Based Information Technology Solution and Services Company, has launched an Online Budgeting Application for small business and personal finance management.

YSS Services Easy Budgets is available on Web which can be accessed from Desktop, Tablets, Android and iOS Mobile Devices. Built on the newest technology on Cloud platform, Easy Budget enables users to have multi-faceted approach towards planning their budget, itemizing fund allocation, expense tracking, money management between accounts and achieving investments and saving goals.

“We wanted to give our users a complete hegemony over their money planning with a simple to use utility, so we developed Easy Budgets which gives best of user experience through simplified UI that is more adaptive, minimizes the manual entries but delivers its full potential driving the users towards their money goals” said Mrs. Sugalya Murugesan, CEO, YSS Services.

Easy Budgets application is simple to use but has affluent UI features such as

  • Budget Set-up Wizard that guides users step-by-step towards setting up their first budget effortlessly.

  • ON SET GO functionality that enables users to instantly create budget and transactions for each month based on the available budget and transaction history and minimize their data keying.

  • Jump start transaction import templates to load income and expense data into the budgets.

  • Reporting component that delivers variety of report types like Net Worth Report, Income vs. Expenses, Income vs. Budget vs. Expenses broken down by items, account and by timeline.

Sugalya added that “YSS Services believes greater accessibility, smarter collaboration, information intelligence and security significantly impact users’ lifestyle. So, we built Easy Budgets on the secured Google Cloud platform where users can accessible it over Web from any desktop or handheld gadgets and users can vision their financial strength for any specific time period by tapping the in-built on demand reporting feature”.

The company hopes to expand its customer base for Easy Budgets with its innovative features that delivers the desired results to its users.

For more information, please visit www.easy-budgets.com.

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About YSS Services

YSS Services is a New Jersey based Information Technology and Services company focusing on developing and delivering consumer based products and solutions catering to the needs of the clients across Banking, Finance and Health industry. Easy Budgets is one of its flagship product that services consumers and small business firms.

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