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Easy Budgets™ is a Self-Manageable Budgets Management software for Home and Small Businesses that provides structured budgets planning provisions and effective income distribution patterns, which helps you to achieve finance goals such as savings, investments and loan repayment targets in a shorter duration.

On March to Pay Off My $51,000K debt Wasn't sure where and how to start budgeting. Easy Budgets is directional and with the use of it, I started to manage and track my expenses easily and realized I could save better than before to pay off my student loan.

— Janet Couture, Trainee Nurse at a Reputed Hospital , New Jersey, USA

Easy Budgets - An Anytime Anyhere Access Budgeting Software

Why Easy Budgets?

  • Easy Budgets facilitates you to SAVE UP from 5% to 20% of your money by helping you to reduce your expenses from what you have been spending so far as it gives you a directional approach to meticulously plan and also to track your expenses and savings.

    Easy Budgets gives its helping hand for all types of occasions without needing to burn off your savings (such as 401K or retirement funds), whether it be

  • Targeted savings to pay off your debt such as Student or Personal or Car or Home Loan or a Credit Card payment.

  • Planning for a Happy Event such as Wedding or Vacations.

  • Covering up unplanned and emergency expenses.

  • Meeting medical expenses on chronic ailments.

  • ​Aiming for dream come true moments such as buying a luxury watch or a precious diamond ring.

  • and so on. Easy Budgets will be your best personal finance management solution to meet any of your personal needs and wants.

    Easy budgets doesn’t end up as a solution only for personal finance management. If you are running a small business or launched a start-up, Easy Budgets becomes your robust solution to manage and run your business successfully within the limited available resources.

    Read here some of our customer’s real time success stories where Easy Budgets have been helpful to them to meet their financial needs and goals.

Create Unlimited Budgets and Accounts with Easy Budget Software


  • Access Budgeting Anytime Anywhere

    Easy to use online budgeting software available on WEB, TABLETS, ANDROID and iOS mobile devices that helps you to plan and achieve your financial goals — whether it be achieving your saving targets or repaying your education, car or home or credit card loans — in short time. Read More

  • Unlimited Budgets and Accounts

    One stop comprehensive online budgeting software that helps you to manage your finance by organizing all your budgets, accounts and cash in one place. Read More

  • Tracking

    Keeps track of your money, where, when and how it comes in and goes out. Read More

  • Real-Time Reports

    Interactive report dashboards that gives multidimensional view on your earnings, expenses and savings. Read More

  • Safe and Secured

    We had given utmost care and importance in building the safety features of Easy Budgets application, so your data is protected from any thefts and malware attacks. Read More

  • Import and Export

    Easy Budgets is flexible to accommodate both inward and outward migrations. Migrating data into Easy Budgets is easy. Read More

From any budgeting software, users can easily switch to Easy Budgets Software by following simple steps

Want to Switch to Easy Budgets?

Read our Step-by-Step Guide to Migrate your Budgets Data into Easy Budgets.

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About YSS Services

About YSS Services

In this Zillenial era, our day-to-day life is inseparable from technology. It has become very common to think and search for a digital solution for our every day-to-day activity that would make our living easier.

YSS Services quenches that commoner need for a simple to use, easy to access and inexpensive digital apps that they require for their daily living — we develop and also help our customers develop Custom Applications for Web, Android and iOS Mobile Devices on latest technologies at affordable pricing.

Easy Budgets — anytime anywhere online budgeting platform for home and small businesses — available on Web, Android and iOS Mobile devices is one of our flagship Small Business and Personal Finance Management solution.

YSS Services is based out of New Jersey, USA. YSS Products and Solutions are designed, developed and supported by team of IT engineers who have decades of experience in serving clients from Banking, Finance and Healthcare industries.

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